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Flexi Tubs and Buckets

Flexi Tubs & Buckets - Rhino Flexi Tubs

Flexi Tubs and Buckets
Rhino Flexi Tubs have 1,000's of uses including; gardening, produce, landscaping, equestrian/agricultural, building and many more. They are available in an array of colours and sizes, are tough and sturdy yet flexible, light-weight and versatile and have handles for versatility. To learn more about a specific Rhino Flexi Tub please use the "click here for details" to the right side of each product. If you have any other questions regarding our Rhino Flexi Tubs please call us at the telephone number listed in the upper right of this page or e-mail us and our Customer Service Department will be happy to assist you.
BM5/12 12 Litre Flexi Tubs 12 Litre Flexi Tubs
BM5/12 - black
BM5/12/PK - pink
BM5/12/LB - light blue
BM5/12/P - purple
BM5/12/LG - light green
BM5/12/G - green
BM5/12/R - red
BM5/12/Y - yellow
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BM5/26 26 Litre Flexi Tubs 26 Litre Flexi Tubs
BM5/26 - black
BM5/26/PK - pink
BM5/26/LB - light blue
BM5/26/P - purple
BM5/26/G - green
BM5/26/LG - light green
BM5/26/R - red
BM5/26/Y - yellow
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BM5/40 - 40 litre Rhino Flexi Tubs 40 Litre Flexi Tubs
BM5/40 - black
BM5/40/PK - pink
BM5/40/LB - light blue
BM5/40/P - purple
BM5/40/G - green
BM5/40/LG - light green
BM5/40/R - red
BM5/40/Y - yellow
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BM5/75 75 Litre Flexi Tubs 75 Litre Flexi Tubs
BM5/75 - black
BM5/75/Y - yellow
BM5/75/G - green
BM5/75/LB - light blue
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BM1 Flexi Tub Point of Sale Display

Includes 20 of each size Flexi Tub along with
20 heavy-duty buckets and a free stand

Contact our sales team to hear more about
this fantastic promotional offer.
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