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Black Hole® Core Drill Ventilators - BM418

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Core Drill 'Black Hole® Vario' Ventilator

• Multiple outer cowl colours with white internal grilles.
• Anti-draught baffle supplied which reduced the
'Effective Free Area'.
• Takes extension tube BM810 to extend
a further 1 metre.
• 127mm (5") diameter


BM418/B brown cowl, white internal grille
BM418/W white cowl, white internal grille
BM418/T terra cotta cowl, white internal grille
BM418/B, 418/W and 418/T are all with a baffle
Rated Input Max 21kW (71,500 Btu/h) With Baffle
Length: 350mm (14")

Free Area cm²: 70 with baffle 100 without baffle Minimum Order Pack: (1)

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BM418/B, 418/W, 418/T and 418/L
BM 418, 418/L Core Drill Black Hole Vario Ventilator
anti-draught baffleAnti-draught baffle
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Stadium Ventilation Products
Stadium Ventilation Products
Stadium Ventilation Products
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Stadium Ventilation Products
Stadium Ventilation Products